Red Gradient

Scenario B is a modern consultancy that helps teams see things from a fresh perspective, and move in new directions.

Businesses thrive when everyone moves in the same direction, oriented toward a shared objective. 


Sometimes the focus narrows and organizations lose sight of the outside world. Opportunities are missed and dangers are ignored. 


Blindspots can be fixed. Tunnel vision is avoidable. Scenario B widens the aperture to see what’s happening now and plan for what's next so you can be prepared, without losing focus. 


You need outside help 

Internal teams struggle to get the space, freedom, or time to innovate. We’re uninhibited by company culture and corporate constraints. It gives us license to speak truth to power and challenge the status quo.

We span industries 

Looking beyond categories and starting with a wide aperture improves the chances of finding unique opportunities. It's a perspective we've applied to clients in technology, finance, fashion, food, fitness, health, automotive, and more. Instead we cast a wide net. From politics and the environment, to technology and culture, it’s all meaningful and fair game. 

We're human

To be honest, this didn't seem important at first. But having seen how consultancies act so robotically, we decided to make a point of it. The exploratory work we do requires flexibility, humor, curiosity, and empathy.

We're tool agnostic

Solutions could come from anywhere. Rather than relying on a magic bullet approach, we use whatever tools best fit the situation. And, yes - that includes a lot of new technology. Disruption is frequently connected to new tools and techniques. This is where a deep background in new and emerging tech comes in handy. 

Orange Torquise Gradient

This is the general approach that leads to  real deliverables and results. It's simple so we can be flexible; every project is unique. 



Seeing the world through the organization’s eyes is the first step in understanding what might be missing. 



Uncover insights, trends, data, and ideas that unlock new areas. 



Create a roadmap that is strategically aligned and tactically specific. Innovation that’s impactful.